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John Waymouth's Realty Law Consultants Ltd provides documents to cover most situations in real estate law and practice including setting up a new business.​

Documents are supplied to my clients and are updated from time to time to take into account current law changes and include:

  • Agency agreements (residential, commercial, rural)

  • Agency terms and conditions — specific clauses

  • Transaction & Representation Reports (residential, commercial, rural)

  • Specialised Vendor and Purchaser Consent & Acknowledgements

  • Multi Offer \ Conjunct Sales Consents

  • Salesperson's Independent Contractors Agreements

  • Licensee Principal Officer \ Eligible Officer Agreements 

  • REA case law compliance updates

  • READT case law compliance updates

Other documents can be created to assist in particular cases or transactions that will take into account current law changes.

For further information contact us.

John Waymouths Consultants
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